Hi, I'm Caitlyn

A Full Stack Engineer born and raised in Glendora, CA, now braving the winters at Rochester Institute of Technology. I believe that the world is changing more rapidly than ever through technology and innovation. I was drawn to the web because of its ever changing, always evolving expanse of frameworks, libraries and languages that make developing a new adventure every time.



RIT Maps | Web Developer |
RIT maps is an innovative mapping system for the RIT community. This interactive map was built and designed around the Mapbox API and uses an enterprise data management system to populate data elements. RIT maps is a continual work in progress where the goal is to allow easy use by the entire RIT community through the years.
  • Maintain the RIT Campus Map
  • Redesigned the entire user experience and user flow using the Materialize library.
  • Replaced desktop and mobile versions of the map from Google Maps, to one fully responsive map using Open Street Maps to allow users a seamless and consistent experience on campus.
  • Implemented improved search functionality of all buildings and locations on campus making it easier to find locations by tag, popular searches, or categories.
  • Redesigned entire map file structure and implemented states using ES6 to allow users to traverse to previous views and information.

Gaia | Lead Developer |
Gaia (Game Adaptive Innovative Apparel) gaia offers an affordable smart apparel technology that empowers individuals with autism to become more independent members of society.
  • Lead the development team in organizing, implementing, and designing a fully realized application that uses biometric sensing to provide early detection of meltdowns of individuals with autism.
  • Business development strategies and creating and validating the business model canvas.
  • Customer discovery
RIT Imagine Maps | Web Developer |
The RIT Imagine interactive map is built off the existing RIT interactive map. This interactive map was built and designed around the Mapbox API and uses an enterprise data management system to populate data elements. It allows users to save parking lots, find their location, import an itinerary, create an itinerary, get walking directions and much more!
  • Created the search bar and functionality.
  • Helped design and implement the structure of the project
  • Created the Share feature to easily share exhibits and locations to anybody.
  • Assisted with the development of the itinerary and exhibit feeds and features.
Capstone Tracker | Web Developer / Designer | Fall 2017
Capstone Tracker is an online web application that allows students, faculty, and staff to keep track of milestones, deadlines, and other important information related to a capstone project. This project was written in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, and CSS, using the Materialize library.
  • Spearheaded development related to the front-end
  • Developed wireframes and Photoshop mock-ups for the visual layer
  • Created all of the pages relating to a staff view, including a data, business, and visual layer
  • Assisted with the design and development of the MySQL database
RIT Title IX | Web Developer |
RIT’s compliance office, adhering to federal guidelines outlines proper resources, guidelines, reporting tools, and training related to Title IX.
  • Assisted with placing content into the correct blocks
  • Assisted with implementing the look and feel of the pages
  • Assisted with making the content responsive on all devices

directions_runExtra Curricular
Lead Developer and Founding Member of Gaia: 2017 – current
Varsity Soccer: Fall 2013 – Fall 2016
Dean’s List Spring 2017
Dean’s List Fall 2017
Club Soccer: Fall 2017
UX Club: Fall 2016 - 2018
WiC Hacks 2018
VentureWell E-Teams Stage 1 selections
VentureWell E-Teams Stage 2 selections